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In my studio again...

I have been on a journey of exploration this year.  I have always been a classic oil painter.  My style has ranged from realism to impressionism with a lot of landscape and still life work.  I have also worked in water color.  I have been in a funk with my creativity for a long time, feeling unsatisfied with my work.  I have gone months at a time without creating anything.  Early in the spring of 2020, I decided to try my hand at something new.  Acrylics and and abstracts.

Americana {August 2020}

This past year has been an exploration of materials and styles.

Disorganization {August 2020}

I am working to have fun, to paint looser and more freely, painting by intuition with a minimal vision of a final product.  It has been a really challenging transition for me and I am working to hone my skill and my style to create quality art.  I have been using acrylic, charcoal, oil pastel, and pencil, working primarily on paper. 

I took Louise Fletcher's free workshop, Find Your Joy, in mid-June of 2020. After that course I created the work above and left.

Over the winter I have continued to practice and explore, creating the works below in recent weeks (acrylic, charcoal, and oil pastel on paper.

Glacier II {Feb d2021}
Glacier I {Feb 2021}

During the week of February 15, I will be super busy participating in three workshops,  Art 2 Life with Nicholas Wilton, Learning to See workshop from 8paint Infinite Arts (with Art of Gabriel), and Share the Work with Emily Jeffords.   I feel I still have a long road ahead, but am enjoying the process of learning and self-discovery along the way!

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